Tinto de Verano Gaseosa

History: Established in May, 1949. by the Duffo family in Madrid , Spain. First product to be launched was clear lemonade in glass a bottle with the iconic swing closure. It appealed to many as modern and high quality. To ensure house wives tried the product, deliverymen on bicycles gave away free bottles all over Spain. 60s – Introducing new flavors, such as orange and lemon. 70s – The brand continues to grow and becomes the family soft drink of its time, and the usual partner to wine on the table. 2007 – La Casera launches Tinto de Verano (wine with clear lemonade), which becomes a big hit!

What is it? The name “tinto de verano” translates into English as “red wine of summer.” It is a refreshing wine cocktail served during the warm months all over Spain. Although similar to sangria, it has less alcohol in it and is more refreshing, ideal for sipping on a hot afternoon at a pool party or at the beach.