Pedrazais Godello

D.O. Valdeorras

Grapes: Godello.

Wine-making: Manual harvest in boxes of 20 kilograms with selection of clusters in the vineyard and fast transport to the winery for winemaking. Fermentation at 12 ° C for more than 30 days. Once the wine is stabilized, it is bottled. Burgundy bottle of dark color that preserves the wine from the light. The wine rests in the bottle rack for at least 40 days before going to market.

Ageing:The wine is aged on fine lees for 3 months, during which it is carefully rocked to give it finesse and strength.

Tasting Notes: Straw greenish yellow, clean and bright. Aromas of ripe fruit (reineta apple) with citrus notes and memories of tropical fruits. In the mouth it is tasty, with very good entry and persistent, with some unctuousness. Fresh for its good acidity and fruit load. In aftertaste citrus memories emerge; With a dry and elegant finish.

Pairing: Baked fish, grilled or steamed seafood (mussels, barnacles, nécoras). Rice with lobster and some salads with fruits.

Alcohol: 12,5%.

91 Peñin