Garnacha Carbonic Maceration

D.O. Almansa

Grapes: Garnacha Tintorera.

Wine-making: The vinification is carried out by the technique of carbonic maceration. This is a way to obtain young wines with an important aromatic intensity. The fermentation temperature was around 28 ° C, with a contact time of whole grapes of 8-9 days. To later finish fermenting in concrete tanks at a controlled temperature of 20ºC. After the malolactic fermentation it proceeds to its coupage. Finishing the process with a slight clarification and cold stabilization. The last step before bottling was an amicrobial filtration to preserve all its organoleptic characteristics.

Tasting Notes: COLOR: Clean redish-purple with high color layer. BOUQUET: Aromatic power is remarkable, with clear memories of yogurt
strawberry, raspberry and a banana background, typical of the elaboration by carbonic maceration. PALATE: Sweet, fresh and balanced entry with medium persistence, easy to drink with a pronounced fruit character.

Pairing: Ideal to accompany rice, meat, game and cured cheeses.

Alcohol: 14,5%.

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