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Our company

The story of Nordvin starts in the beginning of 2017 with an idea, a dream: to bring the best quality Spanish products to Finland. We quickly followed that idea and in September of 2017 we created Nordvin. Today, big brands are taking this journey with us, such as Puerto de Indias and La casera.

Our origins

For decades Iñigo’s family has been involved in the wine and alcoholic beverages business in the Spanish’s western region of Salamanca, where his grandfather started a Mahou beer and wine distribution company. The company lives nowadays thanks to his son, who took over the business after his dad retired. From here is where the idea of Nordvin arises, to continue a legacy.

Our goals

Our company is driven, focused to fill a gap in the Finnish market, that we are starting to occupy and widen. We have employees both in Finland and Spain, whose years of experience in the industry are leading us fast towards our goals.

the people

Our team

Our team is a mix of Finnish and Spanish nationals we previous background in wine distribution, business, design, on-Trade and off-Trade. A fresh new look into the alcohol beverage business in Finland.

Iñigo Echeverría

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